about the tour

Erin McKeown’s debut album Distillation, still holds a very special place in everyone’s heart. Released in 2000 on Signature Sounds, Distillation is truly a testament to McKeown’s song writing from the very beginning; while many years later the writing and production still stand the test of time. Kicking off the “Distillation 10th Anniversary Tour” in Asheville, North Carolina on September 8th; Erin will perform a limited amount of anniversary shows across the country.

“This isn’t my ordinary show. I’m taking extra time to reflect on where I have come from as an artist and crafting an evening of an entirely different shape and feel than anything I have done before. 10 years is a long time, and I want to mark it in a unique way.”

Ten years into a dynamic career marked by 7 LPs, 2 EPs and a live concert album, Erin is looking forward to bringing it back where she started. The overwhelming response of the fans has proven they are excited about the walk down memory lane. The first set of the evening Erin will perform the entire album with her full band which includes special guest and the albums producer Dave Chalfant. The second set of the night will include old and new songs from Erin’s catalog. This is a celebration of where it all began for Erin, but artistically her career plans are just getting started.

Although Erin started writing songs while still in high school in hometown Fredericksburg, Virginia, she really began earning her chops while attending Brown University, releasing two albums before graduation and gigging on weekends whenever and wherever possible. She hasn’t slowed down, famously averaging 200 live shows a year. As a multi-instrumentalist, Erin has become in demand as a session player, recording vocals, piano, bass lines, and of course guitar tracks for other artists’ records; all while steadily touring, recording, working on her own material and continuing to grow creatively.

Erin’s career has been filled with many incredible performance moments and musical highlights including collaborating with Ani DiFranco (she would later release an album on Ani’s label Righteous Babe), appearances on Conan O’Brien, CBS Morning Show, the popular Jools Holland Show in U.K. as well as TV placements such as ShowTime’s The L Word, Dawson’s Creek, and The Gilmore Girls.